Playlist Push Review: Will You EARN $12 Per Song Listening To Music?

Can a Business Advertise Online Without a Website?

You run a brick and mortar business that caters to local customers, and you have decided that your business doesn’t need a website. Will internet advertising do you any good? The answer just might be “yes”! Don’t get excited just yet, though, because not every business can benefit and some businesses just have to face the situation and invest in a website. This guide will help you decide if, and where, you should advertise your business online.

Marketing in an Online Environment

Marketing in an online environment differs greatly from its offline counterpart. Learn about SEO, paid search and other branches of the industry.

Utilizing Fresh Guidelines To Improve Your Web Marketing

Everyone can take advantage of brand-new, fresh creative internet marketing ideas. Read about a few recommendations to get your mind working so you can boost your bottom line.

Internet Marketing – Forum Marketing For Profits

Understanding your market with forums. Learn how to make forums a good way to get traffic to your website.

Entering A Niche For Your Online Business

Why you should choose your niche carefully. Learn about the benefits of niche marketing.

True Story: How A Client Made 6-Figure Sales In Less Than 3 Months Using Internet Marketing

This was based on a true story that my friend shared with me when she was working in a design agency (Agency A). Client B (name cannot be disclosed due to privacy reasons) had previously spent tons of money to advertise their live comedy drama to the masses but with abysmal results, until they met Agency A. Read on this short but true story to find out how this company had reversed their misfortune by making 6-figure sales in less than 3 months using internet marketing strategies.

Introduction to Internet Marketing (Part 1)

Introductory course to Internet Marketing. Follow along as I share experiences, tips, strategies and much more.

Two Article Marketing Strategy Tactics Which Command Your Reader’s Attention

This are first of four article marketing strategy techniques that will get your readers focus. Are you familiar with the essential elements of your post that keep your reader on your page? If not, have a look at the 1st of this two-part article.

Taking Advantage of Internet Marketing Myths

Myths that become too powerful and start getting a “fact” treatment and reception, can lead us astray. Recognizing the myths of internet marketing and debunking them or using them to your advantage will lead your online business to a quicker success. Here are some of the myths that can be discredited, or after the knowledge gained from the way the internet rapidly evolves, be used as tools for success.

Graphic Design For Websites

Graphic Design is a necessity of web designers while developing websites. The websites contain information and links. However, these parts need to be integrated on the website in the most fruitful manner.

Graphic Design For Web Marketing

Web Marketing has invaded the lives of many companies, forcing them to market the product or service online. In fact, it is difficult for companies to survive without internet marketing. Every single move of the company gets flashed on the internet faster compared to other electronic media.

Remarketing: Turn Web Browsers Into Paying Customers

Pay per click has evolved, instead of getting visitors based on keyword searches. It has evolved on interest based advertisement also known as remarketing. Remarketing is getting the site visitors to come back to your page and make a purchase.

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